We supply floors, parquet and ceilings to parquet suppliers, parquet manufacturers, construction and joinery companies and interior design companies.

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Our made-to-measure wood for beams in Oak, Douglas and Larch come in lengths of up to 11 metres. They can be used, for example, by contractors for restoration work, restorers and mill builders.
At our sawmill we can cut all types of wood into any dimensions customers wish.


We can supply custom-made worktops and tabletops made of solid wood to furniture makers, interior design companies and kitchen suppliers.
















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In addition to the familiar types of European hardwood we also supply a number of tropical hardwoods.

Houthandel Van de Voort has been operating for 112 years now and we look forward to continuing for another 100 years. This is only possible if we deal with the world’s stock of wood in a responsible manner.

We wish to acquire this wood as much as possible from sustainably managed forests and woodlands.


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In order to achieve sustainable forestry management a unique collaboration has been realized. International environmental and development organizations have got together with businesses and local communities and set up the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The FSC is an independent organization that has formulated rules for good forestry management which also take into account the interests of the local communities and forest workers. A comprehensive inspection system ensures that wood with the FSC quality mark really does come from well-managed forests.


We are happy to inform you that Van de Voort B.V has been awarded with the "Chain of Custody " certificate. This certificate gives you the guarantee that the origin of the "FSC wood" can be traced from the felling all the way to our company. This is inspected by the organization SKAL in Zwolle to which we are affiliated under licence agreement number 8525.



Due to the heterogeneous nature of the sustainably managed forests more than 20 types of wood can be supplied to the Dutch market.

You will be familiar with some of these woods, but others will undoubtedly be new to you.



The wide range of wood types has of course various applications. Here we can help you with professional advice. For each application for which you currently use an environmentally-unfriendly tropical wood, we believe we can supply you with an ecologically-sound alternative.

Applications include: windows and door frames, garden furniture and fittings, transport, wall joinery, etc.




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